Spinal decompression therapy is safe, comfortable, and painless. As decompression therapy becomes better known, patients are likely to look to chiropractors as a source of information, referral, or treatment.

Knowledge about the technique is a good place to start for those who wish to educate their patients about alternatives to surgery.  Then amaze them with the table.  While all tables offer a linear, one-dimensional pull with the patient in a supine position, DOC tables offer an almost unlimited amount of patient positions.  Patients can be treated either prone or supine.  The table can be positioned ‘up’ into flexion, ‘down’ into extension, positioned into either left or right lateral flexion, and can even be placed into rotation.  This offers the patient an almost unlimited amount of positions to ensure the best possible results for even the toughest condition.  Purchase your DOC Spinal Decompression Table today.


DOC Decompression Table

Decompression Table Model E9011-B

The DOC Decompression Table takes your chiropractic practice to the next level with its unique design and impressive list of standard features. The state-of-the-art digital command center controls specific vertebral targeting, including axial rotation and lateral flexion; correctly positions patients in antalgic posture; offers separate lumbar and cervical decompression programming; and delivers continuous readout and graphing of treatment protocols. The digital command center also controls table elevation and rear flexion, all at the push of a button. Patients may be treated in supine or prone positions and from various angles.


  • Lifting capacity: 350 lbs.

  • Electric Elevation Range: 21-29”

  • Lateral Flexion Positioning and Axial Rotation

  • Cervical capture headpiece

  • Traction belting system enhances restraint for optimal decompression

  • User-defined treatment hold and relax times

  • Real-time digital treatment tracking

  • Speed control

  • Pre-programmed lumbar and cervical decompression protocols

  • Digital Command Center includes:

  • Specific vertebral targeting

  • Separate lumbar and cervical traction/decompression programming

  • Continuous readout and graphing of treatment parameters

  • Interactive color display

  • Reference library - including patient setup and training materials

DOC Decompression Table Tower Version 

Decompression Table with Tower Model E9022  

Offering all the same features as the E9011-B above in a tower version. Both tables offer:

  • Separate lumbar and cervical decompression programming at no extra cost.

  • The DOC table offers a selection of programming with both Pull and Relax for Prone or Supine. 

  • Delivers continuous readout and graphing of treatment protocols, and touch screen elevation. 

  • During the Pull and Relax stages the pounds of pull increase per the duration of the treatment.

  • This “pumping action” is delivered by the decompression system, pulling and releasing the appropriate discs – gently and painlessly.   

  • This deoxygenates, rehydrates, and re-nutrifies the nucleus pulpous in the disc to promote retraction of bulging or herniated discs.

  • The machine will automatically shut down or adjust its pull if it senses too much “guarding” from the patient.

  • The state-of-the-art digital command center controls specific vertebral targeting, including axial rotation and lateral flexion.

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