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World's first glass-free and lightest DR detector with Fujifilm's patented ISS!

Introducing the revolutionary, ultra-lightweight, form meets function design of FDR D-EVO III

FDR D-EVO III features an innovative Fujifilm flexible film-based capture circuitry layer engineered to help reduce signal blur, and provide excellent DQE and dose performance. Eliminating the conventional glass panel layer inside significantly reduces the weight of the 14-17" detector to just 4 lbs. and improves durability. FDR D-EVO III retains all of the innovative benefits of its predecessor FDR D-EVO II such as ISS, tapered edges, Hydro AG antibacterial coating, memory mode, and more. If you already own FDR D-EVO II, no worries transitioning is easy, this latest model is compatible with all of the same accessories; cable, docking stand, charger, batteries.

  • Even more tapered and rounded edges make it easier to slide under the patient and easier to grip the detector from flat surfaces

  • Magnesium alloy casing is extremely lightweight & durable

  • Built-in image memory capability simplifies trauma image acquisition and on-demand sharing for remote environments

  • Smooth sealed surfaces lock out moisture (IPX-6 rating) and simplify disinfection wipe downs

  • Fujifilm's exclusive Hydro AG™ regenerative antibacterial silver-ion coating is 99.99% effective against most common bacteria, 100 times* more effective than traditional coatings and 10,000 times* more effective than surfaces with no coating

  • Fujifilm's exclusive detector innovations improve image quality and dose efficiency through refined Dynamic Visualization™ processing combined with patented ISS technology and noise reduction circuitry.

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FDR ES Series
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Essential DR: Affordability without compromise.
FDR ES detectors feature 150-micron pixel pitch and a wide 16-bit dynamic range, as well as Fujifilm's ISS (Irradiated Side Sampling) which provides ultra-sharp imaging with advanced dose efficiency. This exclusive design captures the x-ray image from the incident/patient side of the detector, in contrast to traditional designs which capture the image below the scintillator layer. The result is a reduction in the distance for light to spread, allowing the image to be captured where it’s sharper and stronger as it was always intended.

High image quality from low dose.


As a world-leading imaging and information company, Fujifilm is dedicated both to improving image quality and advancing dose lowering technologies and safe healthcare standards for patients. FDR ES is a perfect example. It features engineering innovations that achieve dose efficiency improvements by as much as 30% compared to Fujifilm CR and as much as 20% over comparable DR detector designs, all while delivering exceptional images.


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FDR SE Lite Series
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Simplicity and Efficiency in X-ray imaging.
The New FDR SE Lite, is a cost-effective flat panel detector with essential functionalities, and a variety of functions to support in the X-Ray Room, and improved image quality to enhance diagnostic capacity.

Panel Features

  • Outstanding state of the art technology

  • Instant Image transfer

  • Quick image check

  • Simple workflow

  • Speedy display of images greatly shortens the examination time

  • 17 x 17 cassette removes unnecessary cassette handling

  • IPX4 waterproofing


The FDS SE Lite series panels are equipped with Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology, which positions its capture electronics (TFTs) at the irradiation side, in contrast to traditional detectors.

The large exposure area of a 17”x17” detector accommodates portrait and
landscape without rotating it in the Bucky, minimizing handling and 
simplifying positioning.

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Vatech DR 2019.jpg

Rayence flat panel detectors provide the highest image quality and reliability available in today’s market. This is achieved through years of research and development and a history of pairing stringent manufacturing quality control standards with superior components. The outcome revolutionized the flat panel detector industry and allows us to offer a premier product without compromise

Xmaru 1717 Series
The tethered 1717SCV detector is an economical solution that allows the user to experience the benefits of flat panel Digital Radiography. This detector possesses the thickness of traditional film cassettes, which makes it effortless when it comes to fitting into standard cassette trays. In addition, use of a detector that is 17×17 inches provides more flexibility when positioning anatomy and eliminates the need to be rotated to accommodate views. Efficiency is improved by streamlining workflow through the elimination of the additional steps required when using film or CR. 
Xmaru 1417 Series
The Xmaru 1417 wireless flat panel detectors offer a new level of versatility and immediate diagnosis in the X-ray room and beyond. Thin, lightweight and robust, this wireless detector, along with its ergonomically designed removable handle, offers true portability and flexibility. It is the ideal portable solution for a faster, more streamlined approach to direct, high-quality digital radiography. The Xmaru 14x17 inch detector has a built-in Access Point (AP) which enables images to be sent directly to a Wi-Fi enabled computer or laptop in seconds.

The Benefits of a Digital X-Ray Machine

There are countless reasons why medical and healthcare systems are switching to digital radiography equipment. It’s not only safer for patients than outdated analog systems, they also provide the efficiency you need in today’s fast-paced healthcare field. Advanced Biomedical and Imaging is here to support you in making the transition to digital imaging systems, helping you make a positive impact on your practice and your patients. 

Why Make The Switch?

If you’re using analog imaging technology, making the switch to digital has never been easier. We help you select the best digital X-ray machine for your Nevada practice. Whether you’re a chiropractor, veterinarian, or a medical specialist in any other field, there are significant benefits that come when you upgrade to digital. 

  • Speed and ease: Digital imaging technology is simply faster and easier to use. Whether you’re upgrading to a new dental X-ray machine or a veterinary X-ray machine, our Nevada-based team helps you implement this new technology into your practice. 

  • Detail: Digital imaging technology provides an enhanced level of clarity that you just can’t get with outdated systems. Images can be enhanced and enlarged for incredible detail, providing clarity that allows providers to see what they could never see before.

  • Volume: Think of how digital cameras transformed the photography industry—the same can be said for digital imaging. There’s no waiting around for film to be processed and no chance of a lost or damaged negative. Capture more images while creating less waste. 

What We Provide

Advanced Biomedical and Imaging aims to be your full-service solution when making the switch from analog to digital, or if you’re ready to update your current digital system. Our team helps you move into DR medical imaging quickly and easily, helping you select the right equipment for your unique needs. 

Inquire About Digital Imaging Systems

Advanced Biomedical and Imaging provides world-class digital imaging equipment for medical professionals, veterinarians, dental practices, and chiropractors. We offer only the very best because we know it helps you provide a higher standard of care for your patients. Call us today at 775-432-6325 to learn more

We only show our featured systems. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us.  We proudly sell quality equipment from excellent manufacturers like FUJIFILM, Rayence, Americomp & Summit just to name a few. 

Flexible financing plans are available!

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